About Me

I am a full stack applications developer and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles.

Who am I?

Brennan Walsh

Nobody really. I am 24 years young, and living in Los Angeles where I was born and raised. I am a web, mobile, and desktop applications developer as well as an entrepreneur. When I'm not busy developing one of my own projects, you'll probably find me working on a clients.


My journey as a developer began when I was 16. I taught myself HTML and CSS over my Junior year of high school, and absolutely fell in love with it in the process. Coding engages my brain in all the right ways. It's something I can do all day long without the slightest burnout or fatigue.

Almost a decade later, you'll find that I am proficient in an extensive list of languages, frameworks, platforms, and tools (you can find the complete list on my Portfolio). I am fluent in PHP, JavaScript, Go, Objective-C, and Swift. My typical web app is built on Symfony 4, and Vue.js, Mainized with Docker, exhaustively tested via Behat and PHPSpec, and deployed to Heroku.


If there’s anything to know about me, it’s that I have a burning passion for the business world. I started my 1st at 17, buying 'The Lord of the Rings' prop replicas from China to resell them on eBay and etsy. 8 years and 3 ventures later, I’ve acquired extensive hands on experience in the many aspects of digital marketing, business operations, and project management.

What I'm All About

Behavior Driven Development

BDD (a form of test driven development) at its core is a tool for 'closing the disconnect' between a developer and client. An issue I run into time and time again as a freelancer, is efficiently communicating with my clients. I am a developer. I work with websites all day every day. I know how to make a website that is useable, efficient, and meets my clients goals. But before I can, the client needs to express those goals to me. But thats not always an easy thing for the non technical to do.

Behavioral driven development was created to remedy this exact type of dissconnect. When I begin a new project, I'll ussually sit down with the client for aboout an hour. Through a collaborative back and forth process, I'll extensively document exactly what it is they're envisioning. At the end of this process, I'll have a set of well defined features and behaviors to impliment. The process helps the client express their vision and me know what to focus on.

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is what enables my passion. What is the law of attraction? Whatever we focus on through our thoughts and intentions, we manifest into our lives. For example, let’s say your dream is to run a Fortune 500 company. Push away all the doubts, and allow yourself to just believe that you are 100% capable of becoming that CEO. That it's not just a dream. It's all about energy. When you believe that something you really want is within your capabilities, you’re going to be motivated to go get it. You’re not just going to be motivated, you’re going to be excited and passionate about it. By going about your life focusing on the things you want, you're happier.

Born and raised in the city of angels.

Some Of My Notable Skills



TypeScript is a strongly typed syntactical superset of ECMAScript 2015. Developed at MicroSoft, It adds optional static typing to the language.



PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a general-purpose scripting language. PHP is primarily used for web development because it pairs well with html, works server side, and is easy to learn.



Swift is a modern compiled programming language developed at Apple. Swift is designed to interoperate with Apple's Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks as well as Apple&pos;s extensive body of Objective-C code.



GoLang is a modern compiled programming language that is being developed at Google. The langauges defining features are its small size and support for concurrent programming.



Rust is a modern compiled programming language originally developed at Mozilla. Designed for performance and safety, especially safe concurrency, the language is frequently compared to languages like C and C++.