I am Brennan Walsh.

Web, Mobile, and Software Applications Developer.


A Little About Me

Brennan Walsh

Hi, I'm Brennan Walsh

I’m a full stack applications developer and entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles. I currently freelance my skills via Freelancer.com and Upwork.com.

If theres anything to know about me it's that I love what I do. I'm so beyond passionate about technology, and the business world, that I don't even consider what I do work. It's a hobby. My passion. Its something I can do all day without developing the slightest burnout or fatigue.

I preach the power of a positive mindset, gratitude, and the law of attraction. Life is so fragile and precious. So be happy for the sake of being happy. Like a child. Happy for no reason at all. Change your mindset, change your life.

What I'm Working On

Brennan Walsh


My latest project is my freelance work. I freelance my application development skills to anyone with a project they need help with. I even offer free consultations, to help clear the confusion that surrounds the technical aspect of creating for the web. My clients, include individuals, small businesses, startups, non profits, and corportations. No matter the complexity of your idea, I can bring your vision to life. Hire me on freelancer.com.



WagRegistry is a project in the works. It's a web application that aims to simplify the process of registering service, therapy, and emotional support dogs. It can be a confusing process and people often come to it with anxiety, worried about getting on their plane, an uber, or staying at a hotel with their dog. My app seeks to be simple but informative.

The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Steve Jobs

Github Repository

The backend of this app is powered by the Symfony 4 PHP framework, and Doctrine for database management. The frontend is built on Vue.js, webpack for asset bundling, and the Bulma css framework. This site is tracked in version control using git and Github, and uses Heroku for deployment. Every push to the master branch triggers Heroku to deploy a new version of this app.

See the README.md file in the root of the public github repository, for more detailed information regarding how this app utilizes the aformentioned technologies.